Mission, Vision, Values

Mission Statement

Legacy Gym MKE is on a mission to bring the passion of fitness to the heart of Wauwatosa.  Fitness has a major impact on the lives of people of all ages and can influence their personal legacies inside and outside of the gym.  Legacy Gym MKE will provide a workout studio with daily classes with custom designed workouts for people of all ages.  Legacy Gym MKE is on a mission to provide a safe and encouraging place for young athletes, young professionals, adults, and the older adults to get fit, stay fit, and push themselves to unimaginable places both inside and outside of the gym.

Vision Statement

Legacy Gym MKE seeks to be the most desirable place to experience fitness training in southeastern Wisconsin.  The unmatched experience that will occur at Legacy Gym MKE will create a buzz in the fitness network.  Legacy Gym MKE also seeks for community involvement, community service, parent and child interaction, and innovative sports technology solutions.

Value Statement

-To provide a fitness studio which offers class times with customized workouts to promote functional fitness
-To recruit a reputable staff to manage the facility, mentor the youth, foster teamwork, build individual and group confidence, and create an overall desirable experience
-To offer an easily accessible location for urban community events
-To provide a location for talented young athletes to develop speed, quickness, strength, and flexibility
-To allow older adults to have a place to exercise and socialize
-To help people of all ages create their legacy